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Noelito Villaban

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering / Cebu Techological University

“Its better to try and fail, than to fail without trying”

Since I met this quote in my secondary days, I made it as my inspiration that Everytime I feel upset or down I just think about it and it gives me courage to go on. Even if I'm not sure of what will happen afterwards as long as I try even if I fail after, I prefer it to fail without even trying.

Brian Christopher Soco

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy / University of Visayas

In my life I have face many consequences that almost brought me down, but God is just so powerful that He never leave me in times when I am very lonely. God is such a wonderful individual.

Naomi Ruth Pacudan

Bachelor of Science in Education / Cebu Normal University

As an individual and at the same time a student, I'm very aware of the different events that are happening in my life. It made me open minded and a strong person to face and accept all the challenges and obstacles that may come in my life”

Raymund Jade Villas

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering / Cebu Institute of Technology -University

Each one of us is given a chance to enjoy life, to express it, to share with it and to love the life that was given to us.

Charlyn Joy Obiso

Bachelor of Science in ECE / Cebu Institute of Technology -University

“Life is not like a bus that when you miss it you can say, “I'll catch the next trip”. Never waste the opportunity to live it and have fun because this joyride passes just once. Never regret the choices you have made in your life, for life is not perfect.

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