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Kff Foundation Inc., 061 Legaspi St. Cebu City, Philippines, 6000
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Kff Foundation History

by: Joseph Tiro

The foundation started as a promise. A promise of commitment eventually grew and helped lots of young, determined, intelligent individuals of Cebu . The year was 1983 when a European went to the Philippines and chose Cebu as his point of destination.

He was a government doctor who specialized in the care and treatment of problem youths in part of Europe. During his stay in the country, among many other people he met a boy. The boy was not ordinary; he needed to work at his early age. Both exchanged addresses and the boy swore to write him regularly. As the boy kept sending him letters, he learned to knew him inch by inch and got a picture of his life and difficulties. Inspired by his dedication, he helped him to continue his studies and fulfill his dreams. The involvement went on strong and deep; he extended his support not only to the boy's siblings but to others as well.

Through time, the family of scholars expanded and the promise went on in the name of Kff Foundation. For more than a decade, the foundation has granted scholarships for gifted youths who lack the financial capacity of going to school. Aside from the financial support, the foundation also shapes them to become more skilled individuals and professionals through weekly reporting, brainstorming,and teambuilding. With this, they will be ready to face the challenges ahead of them. The foundation will still continue its promise and will still be through the end of time.