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Kff Foundation Inc., 061 Legaspi St. Cebu City, Philippines, 6000
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National and International Donation Bank Account number.

Account Name: Kff Foundation Inc.

Bank Account number: 171-0061-314

Banco De Oro (BDO)

Branch: BDO Cebu-Legaspi

Swift code: BNORPHMM

We search for special plants in the junkyard, those plants that even the environment is hostile, still manage to grow higher than the other plants in that environment.

Do you like our way of developing really gifted youths with no other options to lift themselves out of hopeless poverty class?

Do you want to help us help more of them? We would manage to guide at least double as many as we can afford now, still with quality in the individual care but without need for big new investments.

Do you want to share our joy to see them grow intellectually and emotionally?

If you do, then you're welcome to be one of our supporters by donating what you can afford and want. Around $100 would cover the cost for one month for one scholar and $1100 would in average cover one year for one College student. $4500-$5500 covers one scholar's whole education depending on course. This covers tuition and other school fees, all projects and books and PE uniforms, but fare only to our meetings and not basic school uniform. Usually the scholars can source so much money from others. In some cases not. Then we have to help them in one way or an other.

We are not searching just the cheapest schools for our students, but the best available ones and also of good reputation. (We exclude however the most expensive schools). We try to give an education that will change their life path. In the same spirit we try to give our own leadership teaching the best possible quality.