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2012 Scholarship Result

We are finished!

We have done our best to weight the factors to select those with ability to be best future leaders in Philippines.

This year had the highest number of applicants in 15 years of giving full scholarship to college student. A total of 350 applicants fulfill the basic school result demand, and poverty requirements; we have had 17 Valedictorian and 120 belonging to the Top 10 of the class.

We are looking for top-notch active logical problem solvers who also have certain maturity so that they can see and care for the other people. We want our scholars in the future not only to become rich and prosperous themselves but also to be of benefit to also their fellow Filipinos.

The IQ span among accepted scholars is 120--150++.

We have used pure intelligence test and partial personality test to select the best. However, there could have been at least double as many accepted if our finances had so permitted. Now they are limited and we have to accept that. We have also weighted in school choice cost in the selection of otherwise equal applicants. In this way we have been able to accept 9 new scholars this year.

This however also means that among all those who were not selected, many of you would do excellent in college if you just get the resources. This scholarship was not for you at this time. Try other ways to reach your goal. For real goal oriented people there is no absolute hinder. You have only sometimes to search another path around the current obstacle. Do not give up your hope. Try other ways, combine works with studies or apply for other scholarships.

Life is not fair, but life never promised to be fair either. It belongs to those who never give up. Do not be a victim of your environment; learn to control it.

That is what our slogan means: " We teach youths tame the dragon" and dragon means the sometimes-unfriendly society we are part of.

Thank You So Much for bearing with us through the process of applying in our foundation.