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Captain Hook's Dilemma

by: Reynante

Captain Hook is the worst pirate ever known in the history of Neverland. Though we saw him proud to be one, but in reality he hated it so much that he is willing to do anything to change his image. He wants to get rid of Peter Pan, his forever-young, legendary enemy who is the hindrance of his ambitions. He wants to outdo him and be the wealthiest, most popular pirate ever!Because of this urgent need, He has a lot of things to do and he is in a dilemma. He is confused to what will he prioritize: choosing the potential personalities to be his crew or finding his point of destination, where he can get gold and other precious stones. But he is faced with a constraint of time.

Time is of the essence as one might say, and he only has five minutes to think. What will he choose? If you are his consultant, what will you advise him? Thinking fast, your advice could have been the destination. Of course, if you know that a certain place had lots of gold deposits and is inhabited, you would probably lured to choose it. But in this case it is not the best option. Do not worry if you did not get the correct answer. It is normal to think that way. If you only consumed the full five minutes allotted for you and weighed things slowly but surely, the crew is the best option. Confused? Think again!

The reason is simple and straightforward. Prioritizing the "who", the crew, rather than "where", the destination, will make his journey more adaptable to changes and will survive even the tough times. His people are the "screws" that make his group strong and sturdy. They are very skillful, strong, and witty men; simply the best of Neverland. No one could outdo them even Peter Pan himself. His group can withstand the twists and turns that he brings. Nevertheless, if he opted for destination, the situation would have been different. He knows a place, where he can get lots of gold mines but he has the people who are just ordinary, void of extraordinary skills. If Peter Pan will bother his journey, can his group survive? The answer would be no. He crew is nothing compared to his enemy. If that is the case, Captain Hook's is a failure and his goal was not realized. He is still the worst pirate captain ever! This the way how Wells Fargo, a communication company in the United States, do business and became one of the greatest company. As one of its executives once cited, "Injecting an endless stream of talent.

That's how you build the future. If I'm not smart to see the changes that are coming they will. And they'll be flexible to deal with them." Underlying the principle of prioritizing the "who" in the organization, another line of thinkers, however, came out with the idea of choosing weak generals and strong lieutenants. They believed that when a company has a strong leader, the general, than his subordinates, the lieutenants who also have the capacity to lead but are not given chances, would leave. It is simply wasting talents that would give a promising future for the organization.

On the other hand, if a weak leader is in position that would spearhead the lieutenants, then there will be a healthy competition that will entice ideas and innovations. But in the case of Bank of America, the weak general model did not give any significant results to their operations. Instead, it gave them a loss of $1 billion for the leader is lenient and indecisive. After Captain Hook has chosen the best crew beyond his imagination, what will you advise him to do next? Certainly, it is a difficult question to answer. But being a leader the next best thing to do is to manage his subordinates well.

Managing this kind of people is a piece of cake. They do not need much supervision. They are the type of persons who are thirsty of knowledge and skills; thus, giving them exciting activities such as finding "goldland" or finding "nemo" would be a good thing to do. Captain Hook will have a journey that will lead him to his wildest day dreams by prioritizing talents, which is the best way to have a successful voyage. Having this people on board will generate potential results and not excuses. Happy trip!