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by: Retsat


Every Filipino considers education as an essential part of their life. They value it as what they value themselves because they believe that education would take a part in securing their future. Education is considered as part of the Filipino culture from the colonization of Spain until present time. They believe that this is the only treasure they can give to their children. By means of this, many Filipinos strive to support their children so that they can finish their studies and be able to reach their ambitions. Some are given the opportunities to have education. Some are now in success and become professionals but mostly they do not pursue their studies because they lack financial assistance.

In fact, many Filipinos have the abilities to become professionals but the education that they are trying to have, seems to be a dream. Filipinos cannot afford to have enough money in exchange for education. It is because of the crisis that continues to scratch the Philippines economy. As a result, education of the youth is affected. Because of the crisis, education is being set aside and the youth prioritize to help their family through work. They engage in different kind of labor that is not suitable for their age. They do not have a choice but to work because it is the only way to survive and help their family.

The worst thing about abandoning education is that the youth would be involved in a prohibited activity like drugs and as a result, there would be involvement in different crimes. Without the proper guidance, youth would walk in the wrong path. Instead of being called builder of the society, they become the termites that weaken the foundation of the society.

Youth have rich talents and potentials but sad to say that those talents, abilities and knowledge that are supposed to be developed when they are in school are being wasted. They used them in an unuseful way instead of in a right way through helping others as well as themselves.

Youth can be considered as future leader so we must value and help them as well as their education because the fate of the country lies in them. It is not that they don't have the right attitude and abilities but they don't have the opportunity. If the education problem would continue, what future awaits for the Filipino Youth?