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It only proves

Time will come life will change.

By: Ramoncito

Hypothetically speaking, there are people who see life like a full of grief one. They thought it was all as if living in a den of melancholy and dreary. I was once seen that way when i was in grade school. I thought this will be my life forever, but I was wrong and I have been corrected. The bell rings. Always, this guy is the most punctual student. And here comes the dastard one, shy to go with his grade school classmates, because he was kind of weird by them. Yes I may look weird for not having pretty much clothes, nice shoes and a colorful bag. That's what young fellows thinks. They idle gossip. But for that very young age and for that very young reason, I learned to accept things by delving into reality. I don't pity myself only for that thing; rather it made me dream more. Ever since, I knew I was less fortunate financially. It makes life unfair but it also makes life livable. Those dolts in school up heave my pride and lure me too much learning like. I stay in the library and spend my free time with books. It was my alibi to escape from unjust environment.

Finishing grade school ends those childish quests and becoming a high school brat molds me to more mature ones like I learned to face challenges thinking I can't do it. I am expecting more and more challenges to come. No matter how many scary trials will come, it will never hinder my greatest dream. I never thought that I couldn't do something when trouble comes. I may have no nice clothes to wear or a lucky family that most family here believes to be a hoof for a better living. But I have friends and there are people who are supportive enough around me. They inspire me to strive hard. They help me prepare for the future like attending weekly meeting in KFF.

The future may not be so clear but the road towards it is bright enough to inspire others to follow. Sometimes in a little way I dare to move a battalion, a battalion of young minds with up heaving pride to contend a fight. I want to help my fellow poor neighbors. Sad to say more and more youth are imprisoned by poverty. Poverty causes them to indulge in drugs; either selling or taking it or prostitution becomes a livelihood. But I believe there is still time to save them, educate them and change their life as long as there are kinds of people who are willing to share. Sometimes in our life we can't solve our big problems all by ourselves. We need someone to assist us and lead us to the right direction. Someone who could inspire and educate us no matter how your life is distinct from the other. Like a grade school student who don't understand well the lesson. There must be someone who can explain to him well. A teacher for example: A good teacher for those who see life as a dole some one is never daunt! For life is beautiful like riding a roller coaster. When you're at the top, you're scared to move but don't you know it's the best place to enjoy more looking at the clouds. After all you realize that in behalf of those fears and troubles you'll get something to be proud of.

Don't lose hope.

Stand up and be proud because time will come, life will change.