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Dragons of Life

by: Julendon

It was a wonderful Sunday morning when my friends and I were walking down the street. Everybody seemed happy from each other's company—chitchatting, joking, and a like. The mighty sun was shining very brightly as if we were in a big oven ready to be cooked. Having this in mind, we were in a look out for protection from the penetrating heat, and fortunately, a waiting shed was available. The street was clear of people, may be because of the sun, but there was one worth noticing—a young, skinny, newspaper boy.

Looking at him from a distance, I was amazed by his courage, persistence, and determination. He ran errands, raced with the ferocious machines, and took risks in expense with his life. He kept on convincing people and drivers to buy his newspapers for him to earn money. Even though people insulted him, he continued his quest and had faith that all his newspapers will be sold. It was a very inspiring scene!

Not contented, I went to him and asked, “Why are you on the streets selling newspapers? You might be hit.” I was expecting an answer but he gave no reply and gave a gesture pointing to his books. I wasn't able to talk to him for a long time for he needed to go and sell his goods. I stayed for a moment and observing him reading after selling and left with the picturesque view painted in my head.

Living in a third world country, the Philippines, poverty is on the air and everything seems out of reach. Thinking, I am taken a back. I feel sad towards that boy and to others as well. They are so young to work and embrace the responsibilities of their parents. Despite of this, I thank God that he let the boy not to lose hope and continue reaching his dream to have a good education. With that boy, I see a bright future. He knows how to deal with the difficulties life may bring and make them not as a blockade to his success, and he learns to control it in support for his aspirations and ambitions.

Life is a battlefield field filled with dragons. Dragons that are big, strong, wild, and hungry ready to rip your flesh in pieces! Seeing them is a disaster, making us weak, coward, and frustrated. We don't take chances. We don't take risks. If we have the courage we think of one way—to kill the dragon—but left defeated, bruised, paralyzed and worst killed.

Life always has dragons. They are inevitable. We can never kill them for they keep on coming with no end. Still we must not fret and let it not rule our lives. We can change our destiny. Killing is not the only way to surpass it. We can tame it. Yes tame it! Dragons can be on our side. Just like the newspaper boy does. Instead of crying, he makes action to fight and stand in the midst of obscurity. He does not kill the dragon; he tames it. He makes it a friend. A friend that is always ready to teach him the values of bravery, strength of mind, and diligence. With these, he can reach the highest mountain, and there he will see the vistas of infinite possibilities.

The newspaper boy was very lucky that in his early age he knew what to do. But what about the other children who are in the same situation? Will they survive from this tough ordeal?