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by: Joseph


In life, we do not really know what waits us in the future. What we can do best is to choose those things that we think could give us a good living. But how can we determine if we are heading in the right direction or in the opposite way? There will be questions to which even we ourselves can hardly respond.

I always have a debate within myself about what makes people successful in life. Is it because of physical outlook? Is it because of intelligence? Or probably because of luck! Many of us believe in such notion that no matter how hard you exert effort for fulfilling yours desire, if you are not destined to be successful, nothing will happen! Indeed, many of us experience this kind of irony.

Most of the parents have tried inculcating in the young mind of their children that education is very important. That is why most of them are busy making money just to raise their children well by giving them better education, shelter, and enough food supply. Those are some of the things that the parents should provide to their children. But sad to say, some are failed to stand their obligation.

Most often, their siblings are the one who plunk for the parents' role. Usually, the children decide to stand on their own since their parents can no longer support them. They seek for a job and pursue their studies but there are only few of them who will survive because of the boundless trials. In connection to this, we hear people who are so optimistic, aiming high but do not work on it. This is a typical problem in our society that we tend to neglect. Sometimes we expect so much but are not able to do our duty to make it possible.

But why is it that we just heard news informing us that someone has won a lottery ticket and instantly become a millionaire. How do we call this luck? In fact, almost all of us wish to have this kind of opportunity. Some say education cannot make us rich! However, this will arm us as an individual to face every circumstance. Education could somehow give confidence in dwelling things that can help us get what we want. The very big question is, is it really necessary to finish our education? It could be no or yes depending on the person's point of view. Most probably, many would say yes. If yes, are you equipped with things that education require? The first aspect we should consider is the interest of the person. Is he really interested to study? The next would be the financial aspect. Is your budget enough to support you along the way? These are the major subjects that we must be evaluated first.

From the statements mentioned above, those are the usual problems that our society is been experiencing. One might just ignore them while others are so conscious about them. The life that we wish to have in the future really depends on us. If we prepare so much in the present then there must be something good that will happen to us in the future and could surely give a better life.