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Living on the Edge

by: Haidee

It is a fundamental truth that life is hard, but how we handle it determines our personality. Thus, I take every difficulty not as a reason to give up but as a challenge to move on.

An evaluation of my family's standards of living resulted in profound changes in my behavior. As a child from a poor Filipino family, life for me is full of struggles. I considered poverty as one of my greatest adversities in life. Hence, I took it as a challenge that must be responded with a sense of purpose and a sense of responsibility. This challenge made me dedicate a passion towards the things related to the realization of my purpose.

I am proud to say that a less privileged youth like me has a lot of interesting stories to tell. Experiences, which I believe will surely touch the hearts of many people. For every success that I attain, I am always reminded of how my parents had to fight tooth and nail just to put bread on the table to feed the family. This experience serves as my motivation to strive harder no matter how insurmountable the obstacles may be.

It has been inspiring also to be back in time to my childhood. There were those harsh times when my father carried me amidst the rain running towards the evacuation center during typhoons. Since our house is prone to landslide, my family held on to each other praying that we still have a home to go back after the storm. A small home which is a witness to my family's adventures, dreams, despair, countless struggles, and ultimately, love. There were pains along the way but surpassing those problems together provided my family a satisfying happiness.

I always consider taking actions on my childhood dreams,thus, turning it into a vision. My childhood experiences is a unique factor that determines my ambition and sets my strength. Indeed, it's not easy to have a life where you are deprived to acquire some things. All the difficulties inherent in poverty has shaped me to be a strong and flexible person. My parents has instilled in my mind that education is a very important element in attaining a bright future. One who finishes his studies will be well-equipped to face the vigors of society.

I spent my elementary and high school years in public schools. Together with my brother, I would walk home from school in order to save fare. A single peso means so much to us. We didn't mind taking those steps while being heavily loaded with the bags at our back. Having my family as my inspiration, I strive hard to excel in the academe. Eventually I reap the sweetest rewards of my hardwork. I graduated valedictorian in high school. My next struggle is to find a way to pursue a course in college. With perseverance and great willingness, I applied for a scholarship and was successfully accepted.

Now, I am deeply honored to be educated by people who have strongly pledged to their commitment in nurturing young minds. I am always thankful for the opportunity that the KFF foundation has given me. I am also thankful to my parents who never fail their responsibility,at some deep level sense of pyschological necessity, of creating a sense of home. Because of my family and the people around me, I am determined to continue making a meaningful steps forward. Adelante!