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Journey to Success

by: Charvee

Determination and perseverance are the essential ingredients of success. As long as you have them, you will succeed with anything.

Lack of them, you will be a failure in life.

In any endeavor in life, you encounter hardships and obstacles. You may fall down many times on the way to a certain goal but that is not the basis to failure. You have to get up and wipe the dust off your clothes and try another one. And if you still fall, try it again. Don't give up! . Remember, the more you fall, the more you are approaching the peak of success.

This is how people become millionaires, famous scholars, brilliant scientists, fabulous artists and great leaders. They fail their way to success.

But unless you persist and give patience through them all, you will not be able to grasp enough knowledge that you will need to succeed.

We learn from our experience. Whether it is good or bad, it makes us strong and confident.

It reminds me of what Abraham Lincoln said to a young man who couldn't afford to go to school and wanted to become a lawyer that “if you are resolutely determined to become a lawyer, you WILL become a lawyer”.

Indeed, that is the answer to all questions in life. Whatever your goal, whatever you want to accomplish, it all begins with resolute determination, perseverance and a strong WILL