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I Dream So Simply

by: BEN

I dream of simpler things. To make me happy and the rest within me. I dream not a palace but only for a simple dwelling. I dream not to be an executive but simply as a staff, for as long a I'm getting enough pay. I didn't dream of luxury but simply of less-cost materials that give me comfort, enjoyment and relaxation. I didn't dream of multi-million business but simply a small one, where I could invest. I didn't dream to become rich but simply enough to be secure, for me, and my family.

I could have imagined a simple house in the country side made of timber and strong woods, two storey maybe and an attic. In the attic where maybe I could spend many moment of my life watching the yard. In the yard are fruit trees and veggies. Their are okra, pechay, carrots, eggplant, bittler melon, jackfruit, star apple, black plum and oranges. Must have been a bigger place to accomodate my vision of healthful diet. It's just that I love to garden and gardening is called for me. I also imagined a small nipa hut in the garden for rest and picnic, and I must have swing in the garden.

I also visioned simple custom-made wall decorations, seats made of tree trunk. Oh! I also want pets. Dogs for sure, a breed like Lassie. I also love to tame birds, rabbits, and turtles. I really like natural thing. I'm eath-bound. Now, if I could leave without appliances, I would for sure. But I needed some.

The world has been in crisis, money is not just picked in the streets, it must be perspired, it must be worked at. I did know how is it feeling when one is working. Though still young, I had already opened my conciousness for that matter. In fact I have tried some. I do not want to waste money. Being thrifty, is always a good possession for advantage in life. Many housewives must be very good at that. Me? I would have my money saved in bank or if i have enough prowess, I would invest to a business. Yet that doesn't entails that I want more and more money. I didn't vision of profound gold, only enough for my satisfaction, and theirs also.

I dream of simpler things but if later, in the course of my life, there stood more than just what have I been dreaming of, fine! It's very much ok.

Initially, I must do good with my studies so that later I could have a good job, a stable job with good pay and compensation. So that all those I dreamt of would little by little be realized. The realization of my dreams is my satisfaction,my peace and my fullfilment. And maybe theirs too. Though how simple it may be but it mean a lot to me.