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I am nobody but I am someone to somebody

By: Karljadon

Our lives are bound with a time clicking every second. Many people are raised against time because they are someone to somebody and more are passed by time because they are nobody. In reality creating a balance in our society is somehow impossible, there will always be a link and spell. However, those countries that have a stronghold of human rights develop more equality than those countries that don't give them importance. They will leave a person behind, creating someone who is nobody.

I was nobody once upon a time, molded with anger, frustration and unwillingness to survive. There was a time that I hid in the shadows and was going out when it rains, walking in the street w/out a soul. That was the time in my younger age and when my mother died because she's a battered wife, then few years my father was possessed with insanity until now. Many years my mind and soul were entangled with harsh reality. Human being seems so good on tricking those feelings and coping up just to find ways to live and survive. Well there is nothing to compare with those unfortunate events happening around the world wherein many people are breathing in the thin air. Those experiences still hiding on my back keep pushing me to move one step forward; it's like a generator once you use it to supply power it create heat inside my body. Even I cannot beat the time or pass by the time, the will of facing the unknown and uncertainties makes me excited. Someday I will be remembered that I'll be someone to somebody.